"Thank you for your amazing dog toys. My 8 year old Shorkie is picky about toys, but the one toy he can't be without is his ravioli.
He brings it to us when he wants to play fetch, and then cuddles with it when he wants to nap.
It is the best dog toy we have ever had, and we recommend it to all of our friends who have dogs."
Susan Jaffe, Sunrise, FL

The Purple Pebble mats were a lifesaver when a sick, elderly greyhound became incontinent. The mats allowed her urine to soak down to a waterproof layer we placed under them, so the top of the mat stayed dry. And the entire mats can be easily machine washed and dried. So by having a few extra mats on hand we could keep her dry and comfortable. And all the greyhounds love the mats! They compete for them. Now we have another incontinent dog and the Purple Pebbles are proving themselves all over again. These mats also vacuum very nicely and come in enough sizes to suit most any need. Even for healthy dogs they have a lot of advantages over the common stuffed beds, and they seem extremely durable. Highly recommended.
Bill Schwartz, Quincy, MA

I just purchased a second Cuddle Mat from Purple Pebble because I like the first one so much. My experience with the first mat, an XXL (30" x 48") has been great. I have used it in several ways. I put it on top of our hammock-style, car backseat cover where my first Golden snuggled down for long car rides to visit my mother. When we arrived and placed the mat in a convenient place, my Golden recognized this mat as a safe space, and as a comfortable bed. Before purchasing this mat, I had hauled my Golden's bulky dog bed on these trips, so I appreciate the space savings that the mat affords. I have also used this mat myself on visiting and camping occasions where I must sleep on an air mattress. When placed on top of an air mattress, the Cuddle Mat vastly improves my comfort level. Now I have a new, skittish Golden who feels safest in her crate. So I purchased a XL mat (26" x 42") that exactly fits her largish crate. Because the mat is nice and thick, the crate wires do not poke her from below. It looks like she is sleeping on a large pillow....a big change from her years as a breeder in a puppy mill. These mats wash easily and keep their shape and loft. I highly recommend Cuddle Mats.

Berverly Clevidence, Reisterstown, MD

Thanks so much for our conversation about laundering our cuddle mat. It sounds very simple. Our Maremma x Lab, Mina, has been sleeping on the largest mat now for some time and loves it! It keeps her warm in the winter and cool in the summer much like our own sheep-skin mattress pad. We would recommend the cuddle mat to any dog or cat parent. As I mentioned, I have even suggested to a friend to use it for her baby so she can "crawl" on the floor without getting dirty. Thanks again - we'll be sure to become repeat customers when the time comes but given the quality of the mat, I don't think that will be soon.

Patti Phillips-Kahn, Jacksonville, OR

We have 4 dogs and 8+ dog pillows with covers. Reisterstown Boarding Kennel (RBK), our kennel, uses 100’s of Purple Pebble “Cuddle Mats” and is always washing them. RBK is the best kennel we’ve seen in 40 years of pet boarding. If Purple Pebble works for RBK it works for us so we bought 3 from the kennel and now 2 more. The dogs prefer them. So do we; they are so easy to clean. We lay cuddle mats on top of the dogs’ pillows. It’s so much easier and less time intensive to toss the Cuddle Mat in the washer vs. removing the pillow cover, washing it, & putting it back on the pillow. The Cuddle Mat did for dog bedding what Under Armour did for athletic clothing.

Robert B. Van Dyke, Lutherville MD

Hi Heather,
I just wanted to tell you that the Cuddle Mat is all it claims to be and MORE!!! So durable, easy to clean and dry. Our 10 year old German Shepherd loves his so much! We have used ours for about 5 years and it is good as new. It is so therapeutic for "our boy" and he loves his "Fluffy". A fabulous, quality product that exceeds expectations!!!!

Cheers to PurplePebble!
Linda, Maryland and Maine

I just wanted to take a sec to say how much I love the cuddle mat dog beds and soft toys. The dog beds are really soft and two stacked together are irresistible luxury for both my dog and cat. I use them as dog beds in the house and crate mats in the car. They wash beautifully. I wash them weekly and after a more than a year, they are still soft, in shape, and show no signs of wear. Also, for some reason I cannot fathom, my German Shepherd (German Shredder) pup has never chewed one up. She has destroyed other dog beds, but never these. I am about to bring home my new Border Collie pup, so I have just ordered several more of these great dog beds!

The soft toys are also wonderful. We have had the ravioli and pretzel for almost a year now and we play tug with them all the time. I am amazed at how well they have held up. The ravioli is just now starting to tear when tugged hard by my 15 month old German Shepherd so I have ordered a new one. Any other soft toy tugged like this would have been in pieces after only one session of play with my dog. Great products! Thank you!

Kate Springer, Boise, ID

I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE your leashes. As you may remember, we have two VERY large dogs. One is a Newfoundland who weighs about 200lbs and other is a Great Dane who weighs about 180lbs. We have had a hard time finding leashes that are strong enough to hold the big dogs and, at the same time, are light weight and comfortable to hold. Your leashes fit the bill!! Even our young children can use them with ease. Thanks for putting out such a great product. Look forward to seeing you again. If we ever need another leash, I am coming to you!

Warm Regards,

Meg Oddo
Oradell NJ

Annie absolutely loves her Purple Pebble dog mat. She drags it from room to room for her napping pleasure. At night it's in her crate and serves as her security blanket. After she chewed up two other mats, we tried this as a final effort. It is durable enough to survive her occasional chews, and I don't have stuffing all over my floor. I just ordered two more so she can have one in each of her favorite spots. This is a great product!

Susan Gottschalk

I would like to thank you for helping me purchase the purplepebble's great dog beds. I was so tired of putting money in beds that don't last or keep their shape. The purplepebble beds wash up so nicely and keep their shape and are nice looking. Best of all my dogs LOVE them. I highly recommend the purplepebble bedding, thank you Heather for all your help finding the beds.

Kathy Ward,Orlando, Florida

I am in love with the wonderful leashes from Purple Pebble. They feel so comfortable in your hand and are made beautifully. I now have 3 of them – in different colors. I can’t say enough good about them!

Cyndi, Portland, Oregon

"Our Coonhound, Mojo, really, really loves those bone pillows! I keep two in her crate. She literally cuddles with one and lays against the other and uses the your Matt as her 'go-to-place!' We have two extra large matts and two extra large bone pillows."

Dana Koenig, Ho Ho Kus, NJ

The Purple Pebble crate mat with bumper is just perfect. It forms a little safety zone in my dog's crate and she loves it. it is a natural product-warm in winter, cool in summer-and it washes like a dream. My dog even uses it as a little pillow to rest her head on. It is a quality product and lasts for years. I recommend it without reservation to every dog owner looking for an extraordinary crate mat.


Hello Purple Pebble,

We purchased the original cuddle mat for our little girl several months ago, and I must say, we are thrilled! The dog digs at it, pulls it and is pretty hard on it, while she makes her nest at night.

Before reviewing your mat, we just wanted to see if it would really hold up and it's fantastic!
One of the things I noticed is the mat has great body heat retention! We keep our house very cool at night and I think the dog is the warmest one here!
I plan on ordering more, as we have numerous cats. Oh...I nearly forgot, I am thrilled that your mat is made in the United States of America! Thank you!

Susan K. Johnson
Oxford, Michigan

Heather: thank you so much.....we love these cuddle mats.....we have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's, Plimoth and Chatham, these mats go wherever we go, when the dogs (kids) are in their crates they sleep on them every night, when they are not in their crates they pull them out and take them where ever they want to. The cuddle mats wash and wear and look new every time. We have not had any trouble with them in the 4 years that we have owned the dogs and the mats. The cuddle mats are washed weekly and either hug out side or dried in the dryer...........nothing changes the way they look. The only reason we are purchasing new ones is because they are 4 years old now and don't get as clean looking as before and we do so spoil our dogs. We are going to donate the old ones to the shelter in our town, so they won't be thrown away. Thanks so much for making this wonderful cuddle mat for our dogs, we will buy them forever or as long as you make them!!!!!

Deborah Denzel &Ellsworth Stringe,Southbury, CT

My 2 dogs have been addicted to your incredible fleece mats for the past 7 years. Now one of them is 14 and losing his battle to live. I cannot thank you enough for the mats. They offer so much comfort to my 14 yr. old. They buffer his arthritic bones so much better than regular beds. They are easy to wash and hang dry - so sanitary. Thank you for making such a quality product. My poor guy is so sick but at least it gives me peace of mind that I can keep him happy with his soft plush mat.

Gretchen Alexander, Mount Kisco, NY

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we are still loving our round woven LEEDZ we bought for Finn, our mutt, last summer. He was young, and still learning how to walk on leash. After Finn chewed through several other uncomfortable leashes, we feel we've found one we can all be happy with. Finn doesn't chew it, it's comfortable to grip and walk with, heavy enough that he's aware of it, but light enough for us to hold for long periods of time. Cleans easily, dries quickly, and the
stitching has held up really, really well. Thanks!
Pam, Garrison, NY

I am writing to tell you what an excellent product you manufacture, the cuddle mat with bumpers. I used them for my lab and now for my puppy. The mat with bumpers improves the fit of the bottom mat, and in addition, it minimizes drafts during cooler weather. It also provides more comfort for resting or sleeping dogs as their bodies are not pressed against the metal sides or back of the crate. The product creates a feeling that the dog is in a den. Most important it cleans well. I would recommend that you increase marketing for this product as it should be available in more stores and catalogues.

Gleniss Schonholz, New York, NY

I love these dog beds so much that I carpeted my family room with them!
Customer of The Natural Pet Market, Woodbury, CT

I have been using my LEEDZ leash for 3 years now with Tuuli, my 8 year old yellow lab, and it still looks like new. We frequently go out jogging, which she loves, and I love the feel and the control that I have with this unique leash. Also, living in rainy Portland, I appreciate the fact that it dries quickly, ready for the next outing. I tell my friends about it! You need to get in more stores in the Portland area!
Jim Snyder , Portland, OR

Just a quick note to compliment you on the quality of your products [both LEEDZ and TOYS]: Our family, including our Golden Retriever, Josie, spends summers at the shore, and Josie swims in the inlet several times a week. The leash gets an enormous amount of exposure to sand and salt water, and after four years it still works perfectly and looks great! The color has held it brightness, and I can't imagine needing to replace this leash for years to come.
To say Josie goes crazy for her ravioli and dreidel is an understatement. She looks like she is going to bust out of her skin with excitement when we take them out for her!
Thank you for your hard work in creating such terrific products!
Ed Gaelick, Glen Rock, NJ

… Jack, my 70 lb. standard poodle loves his bed!!! Before we found your beds, Jack ate every bed we gave him...Your bed has lasted for almost a year now. When I wash it, Jack sits by and waits for it to be finished. It still looks like new! Thanks so much for a great product!!!
Jack and Lisa Zychal, Warnersville, PA

Finally a luxurious product for real dogs, with a capital "D"! My two labs, Lucy and Chester look fabulous, and I appreciate the comfort of the woven leads - important when you have big dogs on the other end!
Anita Simmons, Cape Coral, FL

A year ago, my mother and I adopted a 10 week old, rescue pit bull terrier. Every toy we gave her was destroyed in seconds!!! Literally! It was as if we were giving her $20 bills and saying “Here, rip this up!” Then we discovered Purple Pebble’s Fetchacheeni. Unbelievably, it outlasted everything including the Kong for aggressive chewers!
Rosie is now one year old, 75 lbs and still growing. She and her 150 lb. chocolate lab friend run around like lunatics, tugging as hard as they can on the Ravioli, Philly Soft Pretzel and Fetchacheeni (the original that she has had since she was 4months old!)
I just wanted to say thank you, and keep up the good work!
Jess Belmont, Nesconset, NY

My dogs love the comfort, I love the durability.
Jennie C., Customer of The Natural Pet Market, Woodbury, CT