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Cuddle Mat FAQs


The Cuddle Mat is very plain in appearance. What makes this mat special?


This versatile bedding has many healthful benefits and is an outstanding option for the gamut of dogs with special needs.  Its durability holds up to chewers (not the ones that chew through crate bars and drywall, but the majority) including puppies and adolescents; its moisture-wicking properties make it perfect for untrained puppies and incontinent dogs; its density lends itself to elderly, arthritic and large breed dogs that require cushion, however, it is stuffing-free for safety;  It is also hypoallergenic and anti bacterial, protecting all dogs, but ideal for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin and skin allergies.

It is all this as well as stain resistant, flame resistant, all seasons, 100% wash/quick dry, easy to transport and holds up wash after wash!

It comes in seven standard sizes, including XXXL, 3 functional styles and custom sizing is no problem!



My dog has destroyed all of the beds we have given him. Why wouldn’t he destroy this too?

There is no material bedding that could be classified as “indestructible,” but this may be the most durable, yet soft, pet bedding on the market! 

The density of the fiber, coupled with the fact that dogs can’t get at the stitching and that the material is moisture wicking makes it very difficult for most dogs to destroy.

Some dogs will try to chew it and simply give up while others that have chewed many a bed won’t even attempt to chew this product.  They will mouth it, hug it, bunch it up, shake it drag it and finally have a good rest on it!  Our Boarding facility customers have told us that Cuddle Mat bedding survives the majority of dogs. That having been said, we know there are dogs out there that can chew through crate bars, dry wall and scrap iron and yes, they could also chew through a Cuddle Mat.  The question is, will they?

I want my dog to have the most comfortable bed out there.  He deserves the best!  Why would I get this simple mat?

Simple in looks maybe, but for safety and healthful comfort it’s second to none!  It is ultra durable, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic -- Perfect for puppies, elderly or arthritic animals, incontinent dogs, chewers and dogs with sensitive skin.

I am concerned about the light color.  How does the Cuddle Mat clean up?

It is stain resistant, cleans up well and is almost dry by the end of the wash cycle. 

How do I clean my Cuddle Mat?

Wash separately on low heat.  Do not use “sanicycle” as it will break down fibers.   Use small amount of detergent (scent free is best.)  A small amount of bleach may be used but discoloration may occur.  Air dry or tumble dry low.

How do Purple Pebble Cuddle Mats hold up to chewers?

Many chewers don’t even attempt to destroy this product, while other simply give up. There is no material bedding that could be classified as “indestructible,” but this may be the most durable, yet soft, pet- bedding on the market!

Will Cuddle Mats keep dogs in hot climates too warm?

No.  Cuddle Mats are made of an all-seasons material that stays cool in warm weather and warm in cool.