About Us


Purple Pebble offers its own brand of specialty bedding, leads, toys and walking aids.

We believe that all animals are special and, like humans, have their own preferences and personal requirements.

As members of our families, dogs and cats deserve the best lifestyle we can provide for them.

Purple Pebble offers its own brand of specialty Bedding, Leads,Toys and Walking Aids. Our focus is on bedding for animals at every stage of life and for those with special needs.

Why the name “Purple Pebble?”

The name was plucked from a delightful and moving children's book called “Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse,” written and illustrated by Leo Lionni.

  THE ENCHANTING STORY (if you’re interested):    

Alexander is a lonely house mouse with a rough life – always getting chased by brooms and causing commotion when he comes out to get a bite to eat. He befriends another mouse named Willy, who is actually a wind- up toy.

Alexander becomes envious of the love and attention Willy receives as a little girl’s beloved toy. He learns of a lizard who grants wishes and seeks him out in order to wish that he be changed into a wind-up mouse like his friend.

In order for his wish to be granted the lizard tells Alexander to find a Purple Pebble. He searches for days and comes up with nothing. Upon returning home he finds Willy in a box of old toys to be thrown away. He is surprised and upset but then notices a purple pebble next to the box. He quickly takes it to the lizard, and, mid wish, asks for Willy to be changed into a real mouse like him.

  The magical purple pebble in the story is much like the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. It symbolizes the inner journey to enlightenment, or awakening, and shows that what we need we have always had. I am reminded of this actuality in both personal and business aspects of my life and am fascinated at the way they are intertwined. Experiencing deep appreciation and compassion for people, animals and myself, I am discovering the ability I have to make a difference.